The Redwoods are beyond description in beauty and size. It is as if one is walking in the most ancient of forests. We did a family hike on the Boy Scout Tree Trail. Melissa and I also hike Damnation Creek Trail. These forests do not disappoint!
Melissa Here:  I have to reiterate Kevin that it is impossible to give adequate description of the absolute beauty of the redwood forest.  It’s ethereal and basically like being on another planet…. but possibly the planet Endor.  Honestly though, it does feel sacred and very ancient.  The park ranger told us the oldest tree in this particular redwood forest was 2200 years old.  However, he said the oldest redwood found so far is around 5000 years old!  Redwood trees have seen so much history.  There is complete stillness and quiet if no one is moving.  It’s incredibly silent and at peace.  The dense foliage and soft ground must absorb all the sound.  Also there is a fog hovering in the tops of the trees.  The fog keeps it cool. I loved hiking from the top through the trees down to the coast.  The forest was so quiet once again, we couldn’t hear the crashing waves until we were almost upon them.