I tried to run on the beach every morning we were in Crescent City (except the morning Kevin & I hiked the Damnation Creek Trail).  Really, it would’ve been a sin not to.  Running on the beach is the best kind of running of all!  If I would run from the motel to this little tide pool with starfish.  Then we all took a walk to visit the tide pool.  I’ve never lived by an ocean, so being able to be by it is truly a treat.  I love listening to it and experiencing everything about it. We were surprised to find out that Crescent City doesn’t get higher than 62-65 on average… in the summer!  But the winter doesn’t go below 45 on average (if my memory serves me correctly… after looking it up).  Again, this just shows my ignorance of coastal weather.  After being in the coastal rain forests for over a week, Utah looked pretty dry when we got back!