We did Angel’s Landing hike in Zion’s National Park.  Amazing and beautiful… but I did feel the adrenaline kick in!  Hannah and Maxwell started ahead of Kevin with Norah and me with Truman.  Maxwell said he conquered two fears:  heights and death.  Although Hannah says he still hasn’t gotten over his fear of death.  Truman and Norah were both awesome.  When Tru & I were coming back down, a guy going up asked Truman how old he was (5 years old) and then he asked if he was scared.  With nearly no emotion, he simply said no.  Maybe he was too young to really grasp if you fall, you die!  I helped myself by singing, “Everything is Awesome!” from the new Lego movie.  It worked.  That song really is awesome.

Kevin & I spent a lot of the hike carrying Norah & Truman on our shoulders.  Talk about a workout!  Same thing with the hike in Bryce Canyon.

There was no way I would’ve felt comfortable doing this with Truman unless he was tied to me and Norah was tied to Kevin.

This was the Weeping Rock trail- super short & pretty.  The kids probably had more fun just building a bridge from large sticks across a little stream when we were done.