Pictures cannot fully capture the beauty and majesty of Zion’s narrows!  It is like walking through God’s art gallery, complete with colors and textures that have been millions of years in the making.  The narrows are 3D art unparalleled.  
 Thanks to our niece Jessica, who came down from Cedar City to babysit our kids all day, Kevin & I were able to have this amazing experience together.  We started by taking a shuttle early in the morning to Chamberlain’s Ranch.  We started hiking at exactly 8 AM for a few miles, before beginning at the top of narrows.  Then we threw on our dry suits and started down.  Thank goodness we got the tall walking sticks with the dry suit rentals, because we soon understood how awesome they were to maintain balance through swift currents and continuous rocky, unstable terrain.  
We gradually made our way through every point on the map until we ended at the Temple of Sinawava at 5:30 PM (9.5 hours).  At the bottom, or ending, there were tons of people playing & standing in the water, who took the 1-mile hike from the bottom.  They seemed a little surprised we were in dry suits, looking fairly tired!  Oh yes, we were pretty wiped out after 16 miles.  I don’t think I realized that walking through such rocky terrain and flowing water would zap me more than a normal trail- it seemed to take a little more energy to work through it.  We were both limping around the next day after several small ankle turns during the hike.  Even so, it was absolutely worth it!