We took a nice short hike to Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park.  Just behind us is a cliff drop off, but absolutely beautiful view.  Truman spent most of the time trying to make additional sand by rubbing rocks together- it’s another form of natural weathering that occurs around arches.
This was our third time doing the Moab Gran Fondo- We love it because the scenery during the ride is amazing!  It was fun.  My snow white, winter-hibernating skin took a hit with some sunburn.
Finally, we accomplished a family bike ride in Moab!  We just took the paved bike path that goes among the Colorado River.  Thank heavens it was short- it was about all Truman could handle.  The other kids did great.  But it might be about another year before Truman is busting ahead with his siblings. He’s super cute- he would only stare longingly at the river, hoping to stop and throw rocks in.  We finally did before we turning around.  Norah was trying to do tricks while she rode, testing out 1-handed riding and 1-legged riding!  Maxwell and Hannah were good about patiently waiting for Norah and Truman.  They’re great on their bikes- maybe next time we can take them on some fun mountain bike trails!  It was great to go slow, just to take in the beauty of the canyon walls and hear the flowing river.