GOLDILOCKS!!  My first century bike ride!  It was awesome, despite the freaking crazy wind.  I told Kevin that I now officially feel like a cyclist because I completed a century.  I was lucky to ride with some great friends from the neighborhood, pictured behind me from left to right: Lindsey Schiess, Sarah Abbott & Laura Harris.  It’s much better getting through 100 miles on the bike with other people than going alone!  
Even Libby and Hannah did the 20-mile distance!  They’re adorable!  I was proud of Hannah when she told me she felt like she could’ve pulled off the 40-miler, after she finished.  I want Hannah to remember that I let her use my good chamois… I sacrificed my body on an old, saggy baggy chamois, ending up with a couple choice saddle sores!  It’s represents a mother’s love.  However, they did endure some awful hail and rain, so I guess she deserved the good chamois.
Finishing up here…  
This is Kevin fixing the clock… Given the choice of riding 100 miles in horrible wind and staying up 48 hours, helping with a race event, I’ll take the 100 miles any day!