We went up to the Bridger Valley in Wyoming yesterday to attend the funeral of my Grandmother, Leaila Brooks. While this has been a long anticipated event, I was surprised at how emotional I was at moments during the services. As I reflect on her impact on the world, it is pretty remarkable to see all those people all carrying her DNA in the same room. Her influence will be felt on this earth for generations. I love the picture of my Grandpa Delbert and Grandma Leila above. They were a beautiful couple. My grandpa died in 1995 and the thought of them being reunited brings me a significant measure of happiness and peace. 

During the funeral services, Melissa and the kids played and sang several songs with the Meeks cousins. It was awesome. Every time I go back to Bridger Valley I am filled with nastalgic memories from my childhood and youth.  I have great memories with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.