Melissa and I decided to have a quick day away. We mountain biked the Ridge Trail up AF Canyon. This was Melissa’s first time on this classic trail and she did great. We went nice and slow, but thoroughly enjoyed the amazing views, flowers, butterflies and trails. 

After the ride, we had dinner at the Midway’s classic Tamahumara Restaurant. The meal was fantastic and it was great to spend time talking while sampling the salsa bar. We spent the night at Zermatt and the following morning we went mountain biking at Dutch Hollow. This was our first time there and it was a lot of fun. This is a great park for new and experienced riders. I want to take the kids there sometime. 
The final activity of this quick trip was a quick swim in the Homestead Caldera or Crater. This 10,000 year old spring was formed by the mineral rich water that is about 90 degrees. While swimming in the caldera was fun, the history of the place is fascinating. The bottom of the pool is an active archeological site. Researches have found coins, guns, and all kinds of cool things. When Utah was being settled, the spring was a place of respite for miners and migrants.