We kicked off day 2 of our vacation by driving to The Yellowstone Grand Canyon Visitor Center. We started early to ensure the trails weren’t crazy busy.  We watched the visitor center video and then headed over to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We started with Uncle Tom’s Trail which includes over 320-ish stairs.

The kids handled it great and we had a little family race to the top once we were done experiencing the amazing waterfall. 

We then hike the 2+ miles along the South Rim to Artist’s Point. Along the path, we ran into this bison in a meadow through the trees. The kids decided to name him “Beardo.”

The remainder of the walk to Artist’s Point was spectacular with several overlooks of the entire canyon. There was a light drizzle of rain falling which kept the temperature nice and cool. Artist’s Point is phenomenally beautiful:
As we finished our hike, we were all pretty hungry and meet up with the Johnson Family (our neighbors) for lunch at the Madison Campground. We were running a little behind and ended up having to transport a fully heated up Dutch oven in the back of our Pilot (complete with hot coals). After a great meal with the Johnson’s, we headed over to Firehole Canyon for some swimming.  
Firehole has to be one of the highlights of Yellowstone. We went back the following day as well. Not only is it a great time swimming, but it acts as a natural shower as well.  

Right after swimming with the Johnson Family, it started to rain…one of this intense mountain storms that briefly produced some hail.  We waited it out in our tent before deciding to head up to Mammoth Springs.  This drive is gorgeous. Mammoth is a cool place worthy of visiting, but it is a pretty short trip. For future reference, I wouldn’t recommend staying the night here as it is far removed from the rest of the park.
On the way home, we ran into this guy along the road:
We finished the day with awesome Dutch over prepared shrimp creole and apple crisp.