We woke up Wednesday morning to pack up our campsite!  Packing up just gets easier as the kids get older and can actually help, instead of hinder, the process.  It was fun camping, but we were ready for a nice hot shower.  We still had a few things to hit in the park before leaving.  We drove to the Yellowstone Lake visitor’s center and learned a lot about the various birds that live in the park.  Trumpeter Swans, which are now rare, live there year around and we even saw one as we were heading out of the park.  Plus we wished we’d brought our bathing suits to swim in the lake!  

But we didn’t stay at the lake long.  We had another hike to do!  We went to the Elephant Back Trail to get to an amazing viewpoint of Yellowstone Lake and the surrounding area.  However, by this time, we did have some complaints happening on the way… such as-  I’m tired!, My legs don’t want to go anymore, I’m thirsty, I’m hot, How much longer?, etc…  Just the same, we persevered (and I mean parents- the kids would’ve given up readily).  It was totally worth it.  At one point, Maxwell got pretty far ahead of us and we had to reign him back in.  The kids go at different speeds and sometimes we let the faster ones go ahead, but in bear country, we wanted to stay together as a group.  

Nice little lookout bench at the top!

After the hike, we drove into Victor, Idaho, where we stayed in a vacation rental house– WITH A HOT TUB!  Nothing feels better after a few days of camping.  Victor is beautiful, being pretty close to Yellowstone and sharing a lot of the same mountain beauty and stillness.