Now this was a lot of fun… horseback riding!  Truman is riding “Spud,” Kevin is riding “Hawk,” Norah is riding “Link,” Maxwell is riding “Navajo,” Hannah is riding “Rascal” (who contrary to it’s name, was one of the most obedient) and I’m riding “Timber.”  Kevin’s & Norah’s horses kept stopping to eat and they constantly had to rein them back into line.  

We took this little horseback riding excursion through the “A-Ok Corral,” located by the Snake River.  

Everyone had a lot of fun on the ride.  Truman was the only one (being under 8) who had to wear a helmet and it was pretty cute!  Also- he happened to be the only one that brought just his crocs (shoes) on this trip, which we didn’t know until we were on the road.  I guess it proves you can do anything in crocs (long hikes, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, the list goes on…).  Possibly not very stylish for adults, but for a 6 year old, it’s fantastic.

Later, we drove to Grand Teton National Park, which is my favorite mountain range.  It’s just so stunning to look at!  Plus, it’s made of granite- I couldn’t stop looking at the beauty of granite.  I love, love, love the Grand Teton mountain range.  We took the ferry across Jenny Lake to do a couple short, quick hikes- to Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls.  It was beautiful, although definitely a busy time; there were a lot of people.  We really wanted to experience GTNP more and do a couple more hikes there, but our younger kids were getting less patient with hikes.  So that was all we hit (at least this time around)!

On the way up to Inspiration Point, there were a few places with steep drop offs- I watched another mom look at Truman, bounding up the path, with great horror.  But the kids were fine!  Kevin reassured her all was well with these comforting words- “He’s fine- he’s done Angel’s Landing by himself.”  I’m not sure if she knew what that was, but if she did, she might’ve been more horrified.

Inspriation Point, looking out over Jenny Lake

Back at the house, the younger kids jumped into the hot tub- here’s a great one of Truman in his undies, with a fantastic big stick.  He was trying out kung fu-style moves with the stick, I think.  
One fun fact on this trip:  Kevin had the great idea to list every different license plate we saw on this trip.  We saw plates from 48 of the 50 states (didn’t see West Virginia & Rhode Island- what’s the deal with those states?).  We even saw 3 Hawaii plates!  We also counted plates from 7 out of 10 Canadian provinces (didn’t see Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia).