We went to Teton Whitewater, a place that takes you on a river rafting trip down the Snake River (or Snake Lake, called by Norah).  We had a great time. The picture below, in the rapids, is at a spot called “Lunch Counter,” which is right after “Big Kahuna.”  We loved it.  On a calmer spot (like above), Kevin, Maxwell and I took turns jumping in the river.  But it was cold!  Norah & Truman were already shivering from the wind.  In fact, our river rafting guide had Kevin stand on the head of the raft while we spun it around (called the “wheel of fortune”) to try and make him fall in.  It was impressive- glad Kevin had the guts to do it, because it was fun to watch!  However, his fall into the water was like a belly flop- on his back.  That didn’t feel so good!  

Several nights of not sleeping in your own bed can make you tired!  We loved watching Norah fall asleep, nearly right out of her seat, on the bus.  By 3 pm, we were STARVING!  What is it about being in water (even if you aren’t swimming in it!) that makes you so hungry??  We came back to Victor and hit the most delicious burger joint in our lives!  The Brakeman American Grill.  Maybe it was because we were so hungry, but it was amazingly delicious.  I ate too many fries…  Even though I had a great dinner of steak fajitas later at home, no one was really hungry for it because we had engorged ourselves on Brakeman burgers & fries.