Hannah turned 14 today and it’s crazy!  We love her to pieces and we don’t want her to grow up… anymore!  This is enough; she’s at just the right age.  She’s old enough to babysit, clean the house pretty darn well and do lots of other jobs that we’re happy to pass off to her.  If she gets any older, she’ll catch on to what we’re doing and demand payment and privileges.  We can’t have that.  
All joking aside, she really is brings us a lot of joy and we couldn’t imagine life without our Hannah! 
We took a nice hike up to Timpanogos Cave today, to commemorate her special day.  It was amazing.  The weather was perfect.  

We finished off the day with a barbecue at Grandma Marlene’s and Grandpa Jerry’s house, with our extended Brooks family cousins, aunts & uncles, Great-Grandma Dorothy & Papa Jim.