Fun times on my 38th birthday!  Kevin & I rode Tour of the Moon in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Absolutely beautiful to ride through Colorado National Monument.  I didn’t prepare as I should’ve, so I was pretty nervous pre-ride.  My only hope was to keep up with Kevin through the ride.  It was okay until we hit the high point summit in the national monument and then had to descend!  Kevin is great at descending.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me there, but I’m pretty slow on descents… wait, maybe I do know what’s wrong… I get freaked out by some of those hair-pin turns.  I really slow down.  Still, out of the birthday giving goodness of his heart, he waited for me this time!  Then we finished the race together.  That’s a first for us.  Super fun to finish together.  I’m not counting on that next time, ha ha!

The kids were the best kids ever while we were away!  In general, they’re the best ever and we are filled with gratitude that God gave them to us- we know we didn’t deserve it because they’re way better than we were at their ages.  Hannah is the best big sister baby sitter on the planet.  Not to mention, they all did their jobs we asked them to do.  They all showered me with home made cards and gifts this birthday!  I got wonderful cards, and Halloween-themed stuff.  They know I love October and the great holiday of Halloween.  Really, my husband and kids are the best gifts ever, and I get to enjoy that all the time!