HALLOWEEN!!!  Best holiday of the year!  As you can see, Maxwell and Hannah are not pictured.  Maxwell was already gone with his friends to go trick-or-treating by the time we got around to taking pictures.  It’s near impossible to keep an 11-year-old boy around very long Halloween afternoon- he was practically clawing at the door to leave from the moment we got home.  And Hannah had the great opportunity of being a scary monkey (like the ones from the Wizard of Oz) in a haunted house run by the Kid History people in Lindon!  She had the time of her life, just scaring the pants off lots of little kids coming through.  That’s probably the most enjoyable way someone could spend Halloween.

Norah was a minion from Despicable Me and Truman was a ninja (except last year he was blue ninja and this year he was a red & black ninja- it’s different).  Norah was the cutest minion ever.  I wish she would be a minion in real life, cleaning the whole house and attending to all my commands.  I kept asking Truman to show me karate moves, but he wouldn’t do it.

This year’s pumpkins!  Hannah made toothpick mouth, Maxwell made the really big one in traditional style, Truman started on the one with the 3 jack-o-latern faces but really Kevin did the whole thing.  Same thing with ghost pumpkin- Norah started on it, but I ended up finishing it, plus other traditional one.  I told the kids if they came home and didn’t eat crap candy, they could have Halloween cinnamon rolls (sourdough-kefir)… probably a new tradition.  Healthier delicious treat for all kids who give up their bad candy.  Also, truthfully, we hand out fruit leather & organic fruit snacks, which doesn’t always make us the most popular house.  But I have to be true to what I believe in, namely that sugar is evil.  I made the mistake of setting the bowl of treats on the front porch, hoping kids would just take one or two.  It was very full and 10 minutes later when we checked it, some kids had cleared it out completely.  But the joke’s on them… It was dark and they were probably disappointed when they came home and dumped out a bag of healthy fruit leather!