Every holiday season for the past ~7 years Hannah has danced in The Nutcracker. This year she took a big leap forward as she danced in Ballet West’s version at The Capitol Theater. We are super proud of her! She spends hours per week practicing and training. It has also been a lot of work for us since all of the rehearsals were in SLC. Nevertheless, it was such a great opportunity for Hannah to dance with some of the best ballerinas in the world. 
This year I took Norah on a daddy-daughter date to see the performance. In between performances, we took 2 other girls from Hannah’s class to dinner at Kneader’s for dinner and to pierce Norah’s ears. It was a great night. 
During the performance, Norah was “all in.” She was totally enthralled with the dancers, lights, orchestra, and costumes. She absolutely loved it. As the program shows, Hannah was a servant. She did a great!

It’s a really crummy photo because I had to sneak a quick pic with my phone, but Hannah is the last servant kneeling on the left. You can see her name printed in the program below. Again–super proud of her!