Melissa and I have never pushed our girls to get their ears pierced. I stance has always been that we will permit it as soon as they ask. With Hannah, she asked when she was 8. And so when Norah turned 8 we opened the door for her to get it done without promoting it. To be honest, I was stunned when she didn’t want to. Norah will often sift through Hannah’s jewelry box looking at her sparkly earrings. I think she was scared it would be painful.

Tonight we had some time in between Hannah’s Nutcracker performances and so we walked around City Creek Mall, just killing some time. As we walked past a jewelry store I passively asked Norah if she wanted her ears pierced. Immediately, Hannah and her friends started applying some peer pressure. Norah stood strong in her position, so I let it go.

After Norah and I dropped off the girls at The Capital Theater, Norah surprised me when she said, “Dad, I’m ready to get my ears pierced.” We only had a short window of time to get it done, so we booked it over to Claire’s to get it done. I could tell she was preparing herself for the pending pain. She was more quiet than usual and it was just obvious she was steeling her nerves.

 As she sat in the chair the technician presented her with a lot of earring options. She selected “Rainbow Daisy.”  What a great reflection of Norah. She is colorful and sparkly! During the actual piercing, she was incredibly brave. I could tell it took a lot, but I think she was surprised at how little it hurt.

As we walked away, I asked if I should text Mom some pictures and let her know what she had done. She quickly and passionately told me that she wanted to surprise mom when we got home. During the ballet, Norah kept rubbing her earrings as she got used to the idea. It was a super cute evening with my little princess