As always, we can’t believe how much our kids are growing up! I usually have a confused look on my face, trying to figure out how it happened… It just doesn’t add up. I’m not that old! They certainly aren’t that old either, or are they? Yep, Maxwell really is growing up and he is an awesome 12 years old! Maxwell is incredibly fun. So full of excitement about life. Ever since he was a baby, he wanted to get into everything and explore everything. He just loves life and wants to do it all. We love that about Maxwell. Probably one of the biggest challenges is not being able to do it all.

This year, for his birthday, he went to space camp with his friends and LOVED every minute of it. He was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood and became a deacon on May 31st. Both of his grandpas were able to attend. It’s a great multigenerational picture. Maxwell has a lot of great years ahead, since he’s on a great track now staying busy with swimming, playing guitar and piano, and most importantly to him, hanging out with his friends!