Another year of the awesome American Fork Canyon Half Marathon Run Against Cancer! This year grandpa Jerry did the 5k with some of the grandkids, namely Abby, Norah, Truman and McKay (who was nice enough to run with Truman the whole time!). Caden and Libby ran the half marathon. Hannah’s in Houston, otherwise we would’ve made her do the 5k as well!  I ran with my sister, Andrea. It was her first half marathon and she did awesome- I think she loved it! I told her she had to love it, if it’s directed by her brother-in-law. It was great race to finish with my sister. Such a beautiful, amazing course, with great support. It was good to chat with Andrea along the way. I’ll have to make it up to Bonnie the time I ditched her on the Salt Lake half marathon. 

I’m not just biased… this half marathon really is the best one I’ve ever done!