We went down to Zion National Park on July 1 to canyoneer Pine Creek and Keyhole–two classics that have been on our bucket list for some time. Lane, Jenny, Josh Shepherd and some of Lane’s friends joined us.

We camped at the Zion Ponderosa Resort, which was a lot of fun. Josh joined Melissa and me in the advanced travel team. We arrived in Springdale to rent some gear for Josh before we headed to Mt. Carmel Junction for diner at the Golden Hills Restaurant (quickly becoming a tradition.)

We took about 3:55 minutes to complete Pine Creek with 8 people. This canyon is full of awesome rappels, swimming and adventure. The last rappel is over 90 feet tall and was high enough to take my breath away.

Keyhole is a short, but fun hike. It took us 1:10 to finish the 1 mile hike. It has a few little rappels, most can be done with a hand line.

It was certainly frog time. We saw thousands and thousands of tadpoles. They were everywhere!