I did my first mountain bike race! Thankfully, it was a small race at Snowbasin and all women. I think I would’ve been even more intimidated if there were a lot of guys. I looked my competitors over before the start and thought I’d have no problems passing up a lot of them. I was wrong. They all taught me a lesson. It was such a learning experience, that even as I was got closer to the finish, I just hoped I wouldn’t be one of the last people! A grandma passed me early on. Later an 11-year-old totally passed me as well. (I stopped to help her get her chain back on and asked her how old she was.) Despite how much I have to improve technically, I still really enjoyed the experience. It was totally beautiful! My friend, Michelle, did the race with me. I was so glad that she did it. It’s good to have a friend who’s just as nervous as you are about a first-time event. Kevin came up with us. So glad I have a husband who likes to take pictures!