Over the summer, I went to a summer dance intensive in Houston Texas for six weeks.  I had classes Monday through Saturday starting at nine a.m., and usually ending somewhere between five and six.  We had an hour long lunch break, and usually some other break in the day.  I got to explore different styles of dance, and other classes that we didn’t have to dance in.  For example, twice a week I got to have sports psychology, nutrition, or an anatomy class.  I also got to be with a lot of amazing, interesting, teachers and students.  I met girls from Argentina, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.  At the end of the intensive, we had a small recital.  Our level did one ballet piece, on musical theater piece, and one Bollywood style dance.  

Most of the summer attendees stayed in the dorms at Saint Thomas University.  There were two people to a room, and my roommate’s name was Maddison.  We ate across the street at a cafeteria, but the chaperones occasionally took us on outings to ice cream places, the movies, or the WaterWall,(A tall man-made waterfall in the shape of a semicircle).  On Sundays, we all went out and did fun activities around town.  We went to NASA, Khema board walk, a water park, and Houston Ballet’s The Taming of the Shrew.  My favorite had to be The Taming of the Shrew, or NASA.  I had an amazing time in Houston, improved a lot, and made some great friends.