Preparations for the trip began earlier in the week when we ordered 15 DVDs to kill the time as we knew we would spend over 30 hours in the car as we drove to Glacier National Park and subsequently to Banff.  It is awesome having kids that are old enough to help out with all the prep work. Maxwell was able to hook up the Wii by himself.
We successfully departed at 3:34 for Butte, MT. On the way up, we watched Karate Kid. It is so fun to rewatch some of our favorite childhood movies with our kids. Since that time, the kids have walked around saying, “put him in a body bag!” followed by a sinister laugh (classic scene from Karate Kid). The kids then reenacted the iconic “crane kick” while on the shore of Lake McDonald.

We arrived in Butte, MT around 9:30. We checked into the Hampton Inn and everyone fell asleep pretty quickly.
One of the awesome things about this trip is the time we get to spend with family. We met Grandma and Grandpa for breakfast at 7:30. The three younger kids had fun cooking their own waffles with cream. We shoved off 30 minutes later for Glacier NP (4 hour drive). It is a beautiful drive through awesome mountain valleys, lakes and streams.

Seriously, the kids could have spent the entire trip swinging each other in the hammock. They had a blast with this thing.

We arrived right around noon and started setting up camp. Maxwell loves setting up things. He immediately set up our 8-man tent and 6-man tents. Seriously, he loves it. Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the afternoon with us as we sat around the fire and prepared to make fajitas and Dutch oven apple crisp. Chad, Jessica and Aphia showed up that afternoon and were able to enjoy some time with us along the lake shore.
The Lane and Jenny family arrived shortly after 9:00 and all the cousins were excited to see each other.