After our long hike the day before, we were ready for a more relaxing day! We rented a couple paddle boards and a few kayaks, then spent the day having fun in beautiful Lake MacDonald, right by our campsite. The lake was warm enough to comfortably play in. It was a lot of fun! Just about everyone took turns learning how to balance on the paddle board. Oh yes, it was so entertaining for everyone on shore watching people fall off paddle boards. Lane thought up a game where two people on paddle boards tried to knock each other off. It ended up being the best part of the day. 

Mid way through the afternoon, a fire started that resulted in this wicked awesome smoke cloud looming over Lake McDonald.

During my first match against Maxwell, he absolutely crushed me. He as able to stay so balanced that I could not stay on the board. He knocked me off over and over again. It was a lot of fun.

I love this series of photos of Ben. He is such a great brother and overall good guy. For the record, balancing on a paddle board is tougher than it looks. He gave it several attempts and ultimately prevailed, but it took some effort. We had a great laugh at his expense, although as you can see from the last photo, he also had a lot of fun. It was such a great day.

Ben and Mandy made chili for dinner which we fully enjoyed on the the shore of Lake McDonald. After that, we went went West Glacier restaurant for some amazing huckleberry ice cream (served by a Russian speaking woman from Moldova). Norah could not stop talking about the huckleberry ice cream, so this was a necessary part of the trip.