Lane, Jenny, Kevin & I woke up at 5:30 am to ride Going to the Sun Road to the top of Logan’s Pass. We got started around 6:30. Seeing everything from a bike or a hike is much different than just driving it in a car. It’s a much more sensory experience. You smell the mountains, rich with wildflowers and streams. You hear the birds, other animals and trees being rustled by wind. You feel the warmth of sun. It’s an amazing experience. We expected riding up Going to the Sun Road to be much more difficult than it actually turned out to be, luckily for us! Lane and Jenny didn’t end up going all the way and turned back early, but rode a beautiful ride along Lake McDonald back to camp. But Kevin and I went to the top and soaked in the beauty of the ride, not to mention the occasional jitters of being right by the side of a cliff. The way down was freezing! When we got back to camp, Jessica and Chad were making a delicious bacon and egg breakfast. We packed up camp and got on the road to Banff. Kevin set up a slack line and a hammock the first day we camped. Surprisingly, the kids played on the hammock the whole time at camp. It was less about relaxation and more about using it as a giant swing! We had about a 5 hour drive to Banff. We made it through the border with our fancy new passports. We got to our lodging at Rocky Mountain Resort in Banff in the evening, ordered pizza and went to bed. Quick note- I didn’t eat pizza. I don’t feel good caving to vacation fast food; so I brought my vanilla protein powder with almond milk for a quick shake! Figuring out how to eat real on trips will be an ongoing process, throughout all our future trips. Everyone feels better on real, whole foods.