Our first morning in Banff and we set off to Lake Louise, an iconic glacial lake. We did a short (but steep) hike that went to a smaller lake above Lake Louise. It was Teacup lake, I think. There was a little restaurant at the top that in fact, served tea and other lite items. We had Aphia and Abby with us too. Grandma and grandpa stayed below at Lake Louise and went through various gift shops and explored the area directly around, while we did the hike. We got better acquainted with Aphia on the hike, as she became more chatty! We don’t get to see Aphia very much because she lives far away. So it was great to talk with her… a lot. It was a beautiful hike. The woods and jagged peaks of the Canadian rockies are totally worth experiencing. The amount of glaciers throughout Banff and Jasper National Parks just can’t be found in the lower 48. (It would be cool to compare with Alaska! Maybe we’ll make it there someday.) The glacial lakes and rivers have a beautiful turquoise color that I only thought existed in tropical beaches. Turns out that intense color shows up in really cold places too! After the hike, we met grandpa and grandma at a restaurant by Lake Louise for lunch. Then we drove back to our lodgings. The kids had fun swimming in the pool while we did some laundry. Later, we walked around the shops of Banff doing what Norah was most excited about… looking though gift shops. Each of them got to pick out a souvenier gift. We tried to find a place to eat, but we didn’t want to wait for a long time to get in. Everything was really busy. No matter! At our place, we could enjoy nachos! Kevin also ordered some burgers and sandwiches from the hotel room service.