Behold the Columbia Icefield in Jasper National Park! This was a really cool experience to take the giant ice bus onto the glacial ice field. It was a mini tour of the glaciers close by with many interesting facts. Sadly, they predict the Columbia Icefield will be gone in 70 years. Even in Glacier National Park they predicted the glaciers would all be gone by 2030. I guess it’s a good thing we made it in time for our kids to see what remains now. The glaciers there currently are quite small compared to even what existed in the early 1900s. Of course, they’re also quite small to what exists in Banff and Jasper currently. We got to drink the water pouring off the glacier and yes, it was delicious! Maxwell filled a water bottle and tried to protect it as long as possible… unfortunately, I think we accidentally emptied it out later that day. The ice bus drove up and down a 36% grade and I definitely felt a little nervous going on it. After the ice bus tour, we headed out on the next tour: the glacier skywalk. It’s bridge that was built out over an area carved out by a glacier. It’s a little freaky to walk the bridge because the floor is clear. I could look directly down thousands of feet below. The view was amazing and the pictures just don’t do it justice. There were several waterfalls coming from glaciers going into the river which was carving out the valley far below. 
Earlier in the day, before making the drive to Jasper National Park, Kevin, Lane, Jenny & I went on a bike ride around Banff and up to the hot springs just on the edge of Banff. It’s a different experience seeing surroundings on a bike than in a car. It’s way better than driving!