Labor Day Weekend 2015! This was a lot of fun: we went to Dinosaur National Monument (the Utah side) and Split Mountain rafting on the Green River. Even better, we got to go on the trip with Lane & Jenny, Kevin’s cousin, Dawson, and our good friends the Johnsons (Ryan & Catherine, kids Owen, Tate and Millie)! We were stunned at how many different dinosaur bones existed in Utah. Never knew how that so many different species of dinosaurs lived here. The dinosaur quarry in DNM was packed with various types. It’s definitely a must-see for everyone that lives in Utah. It really made me appreciate Utah’s fascinating dino history. The kids loved it.  The quarry trip included a short hike.
Behold, so many bones in the dino quarry!
Pictured below is the Split Mountain Campground that we stayed at. During the night, an intense wind storm picked up, which actually snapped one of our main tent poles in half! That was a memorable night… Probably no one slept well at all!

Norah usually directs all people in appropriate poses for pictures. She led everyone in the above pose.  Looks like Truman didn’t comply… Even 4-yr-old Millie pulled it off!

We had two rafts and the Johnson’s kayak as well.  

In the middle of the raft trip, we pulled up to a sandy riverside and ate lunch. The kids had a blast playing in the sand! The scenery was majestic and stunning the whole time. It was a totally fun trip!