Hannah turned 15 on August 31–yikes! Of course, fifteen is the age where kids start to drive. To be honest, I’m thrilled to have her driving. My take on kids driving is that they should start driving as early and often as possible. We haven’t had a chance to go get her permit from the DMV, but I have let her drive from our house to the Smith’s when I take her to school in the morning. At first, I will admit, she was scary (which is why we stayed on the back roads). She mostly struggled with steering. However, now that we’ve been working on that, she has gotten a lot better. This morning, a very quiet Sunday, I took her out driving from our house to Art Dye, the Timp Temple, and then to Lone Peak High. This was her most difficult course yet, and she nailed it. I’m super proud of her and look forward to the time we get to spend together driving. She is such an awesome daughter!