Rainy and wet most of the day! We still decided to take a hike to the longest waterfall in Europe- “La Grande Cascade de Gavarnie.” It was amazing. As always, the picture doesn’t do it justice. There were several smaller waterfalls surrounding the biggest Gavarnie fall. Our raincoats managed to keep out most of the rain on top, but our pants and shoes were soaked. But several locals were also making the trek up, including elderly people, so we knew we had no excuse. It was so beautiful, it was worth it.

We actually started out the day looking inside the very old church (Abbey of Saint-Savin-en-Lavedan) next to our bed & breakfast. It’s the town center of Saint Savin. The Abbey dates AT LEAST from the 10th century, built by the order of Charlemagne on the site of an old Gallo-Roman fortress. It has the 2nd oldest organ in France, dating back to the 1200s. It was old, the rock on the outside looked very weathered. 

After seeing the Abbey, we explored surrounding communities and villages and drove up the same way we rode on our bikes the day before towards Col du Tourmalet. We stopped at a little restaurant/pizzeria for lunch and came back to the same place for dinner, since practically no restaurants are open on Mondays! We also popped in a “Pain & Patisserie” shop for a baguette and a pastry. It’s what all the locals were doing! We kept watching people all day go in for a baguette.