It’s a small world.   We started the day with breakfast with a couple from Idaho staying at the same cycling lodge. We had a great conversation with them and then hit the road to Arles–about a four-hour drive. Arles was more of a stopover as we headed to Nice, but I am glad we decided to stay here.

Arles is an ancient Roman town and it is still visible. There is an amazing theater and stadium built by the Romans that dates back to 12 BC! The streets are narrow and all the houses feel quaint and old. It is also the city where Van Gogh launched his art career and subsequently died. In fact, the sanatorium where he cut off is ear has been restored and is a tourist stop. As we walked the streets it became apparent that Arles attracts artists from all over the world. 

Unlike Spain, this place shuts down early. By 6:00 everything, including restaurants, were closing their doors. We tried to find a French restaurant, but we couldn’t find a place. So, we ended up eating at a sushi place that served marginal sushi. However, as we were eating our sushi, we realized that we were Americans eating Japanese sushi in France with a Roman stadium right across the street.