We drove from Arles to Castellan. The Gorges du Verdon are near Castellan. Before going to do the hike at the Gorges du Verdon, we did a smaller hike in Castellan. It went to the top of a small mountain ledge with a church built on it, overlooking the city. It was a short hike, but really cool. The church was built in the late twelfth century. 

This is a picture on the way down, overlooking Castellan. The old architecture and tile roofs of the old villages in the mountains are so beautiful.

This is overlooking the lake by the hike in the Gorges du Verdon. It was after we finished our hike, which was a good workout. Then we headed back to Castellan for dinner. The cuisine in France has been such a new experience. I had a pizza made with super thin crust, fresh cream, ham, mushrooms, cheese and an egg in the middle… like an egg cracked open on top and just barely cooked, so it was basically very soft and very delicious. Kevin had lamb with vegetables, soup, etc. The various offerings on the menu for pizza were toppings that I’ve never tried before. Hopefully I’ll be able to experiment with it at home!