Menton and Nice, France & Monaco- all so beautiful! I never thought I’d ever be on the Mediterranean coast and it has not disappointed me at all. We got to Menton around 11 am. We couldn’t check into our hotel until 2, but they let us park our car in the little space designated for the Napoleon Hotel. Just a quick side comment on parking cars in Europe.. There is very little parking available anywhere. I have NO understanding how the locals parallel park with 2 inches between bumper to bumper of cars on either end. How do they even get out? I’m thinking since the cars are so small, or they push them out from the side? It’s a mystery.
Back to our day… Since we had a few hours until checking in, we decided to take the train to Nice. That was another fun experience, not understanding how to buy the tickets and other important details. But thanks to an the people who speak English and have been able to help us, we accomplished the task. I’ve got to learn more French. I feel pretty dumb being so incapable of communicating. Each time a person tells me they only speak a “little bit” of English, it’s plenty to understand us and communicate with us. A “little bit” of French for me is way less than that. 
When we got to Nice, we walked up to an area with an amazing panoramic view of the coast and city. We tried to hit the Marc Chagall museum after that, but it was close for renovations for 3 months! So we saw a really beautiful Greek Orthodox church on the way back to the coast instead. The promenade walk along the coast was also totally beautiful. The beach front was not sand, but many small rocks, weathered to smoothness from the ocean. By the time we got on the train to head back to Menton, it was already getting dark and we were starving. We popped into a restaurant and had THE BEST seafood platter we’ve ever had. It included a huge shrimp, salmon, squid, octopus, scallops, including a couple other unknown things, but they were amazing! The French really know how to cook meat & seafood. Every kind I’ve tried so far is incredibly juicy and tender. How will I ever cope with my cooked meats at home after this??!
Menton at Night
Monaco is posh. We’ve never seen so many Mozeratis, Bentleys, Ferraris, etc. The classic Monte Carlo Casino has amazing architecture, but since we don’t gamble…Instead, we walked around the city taking in all the historic sites and cultures. There are a lot of Russian in Monaco. Ultimately, we ended up at the Museum of Oceanography. This is the best aquarium I have ever been to. It not only has cool aquariums, but amazing fossils and relics of pioneer ocean explorers. It was captivating and we could have spent several more hours there if it didn’t close on us.
Super creepy zombie fish merman