Barcelona is the last city on our trip and it has been a lot of fun. The highlight of Barcelona has been all the Gauti buildings. It is difficult to describe the uniqueness of his designs. I truly can’t think of a building that compares to the Sagrata Familia and his buildings at Park Guell, not to mention the Casa Batllo. The Picasso Museum was fascinating and full of amazing pieces. If anything, we learned a lot about Picasso and saw how he changed his craft over time. The beach was beautiful. We caught it when it was overcast, but we enjoyed laying on the beach and relaxing.

Perhaps one of our favorite thing was learning a lot of history about the Iberian Peninsula. We were completely ignorant on Cataliona, Gauti, the Spanish Civil War, Franco, etc. We really enjoyed reading about these things while eating Spanish tapas. Speaking of which, we kinda got sick of tapas. Don’t get me wrong, they are super delicious, but it seems like all the restaurants serve the same menu of tapas.  

The overall highlight of Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. The interior is spectacular, amazing, and otherworldy. In fact, Melissa and I discussed how it felt like a building from one of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. It would be fun to come back after its planned completion in 2026.

Gothic Quarter near Picasso Museum