Hannah is an amazing person. She can focus on an activity, just like her mother. Since she was ~5, Hannah has loved ballet more than anything. In all of her movements, even when walking around the house, she is twirling and elevating and all kinds of other ballet moves that I have no clue their names. I remember when I took her to a 3-day camp when she was 10 and offered to ditch the morning class so we could go to breakfast together and watch a movie. She would have none of it! She wanted to go to class. Now, as she starts to contemplate college, she is committed to ballet as a major. Over the Christmas break, Melissa and I took her to lunch and had a great conversation about what that means for her adult life and how to create a contingency plan in the event of injury.

Just yesterday, we learned Hannah was accepted into the U’s summer intensive program. This is another major accomplishment. Last year she danced in Houston for 6 weeks and it brings me a lot of happiness to know she will be just up the road at my own alma mater.

Despite all of her hours in the studio, Hannah is also an amazing student. He has a 3.96 GPA and is an amazing guitar player. She is the best oldest child any parent could ask for and amazing example to all her siblings.