Melissa and I had our DNA tested a few months ago through 23andMe. Admittedly, we were pretty excited to see the results of the both our ancestral composition and our health report. While this is still a rapidly evolving field that still needs a lot of development, we interpreted the results to be a few notches better than a horoscope (In case you were wondering, Kevin is a Capricorn and Melissa is a Libra). Anyway, we validated a couple assumptions and legends from our family history. 
Melissa’s Results
As you can see, Melissa is mostly British and Irish. However, there was the modestly surprising element that she has some Ashkenazi Jewish blood running through her veins.  We’ve known about this ancestor on her father’s side, but it was nice to validate it (plus, it helps validate the actual DNA test).
Kevin’s Results
Kevin’s results confirmed a legend that his father has been telling everyone for years…that we have some Tahitian blood in us. I can’t remember it exactly, but it involves rumors of infidelity and Iowa. Can’t you see the similarities between Kevin and his distant Tahitian cousin?
Otherwise, I think we were surprised by the amount if Scandanavian and Finnish.  
Turns out both Melissa and I have a fair amount of Caveman in us. That makes some sense, since I graduated from AF High School, home of the cavemen and Melissa is a devout follower of eating Paleo. It was very comforting to know that chocolate doesn’t make us sneeze and we don’t have a disposition for back hair–phew!