Norah hit the double digits this week. A few months ago I read an article by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg whose brothers always called her “bossy” when she was a little girl. She discussed how if a boy acted that way, he would be called a natural leader. Well, Norah is a leader! She is always trying to orchestrate play. She is driven, animated, and spicy. She always has a comment to make everyone laugh. Beyond that, she is smart and a talented ballerina.  

Norah is lucky to have cousins close by, whom she loves! Eliza and Jay came, as well as Caden, Abby, McKay & Libby. She also had her friends from school who carpool with us- Marina, Lucy and Anna. She had a unicorn party, which she’ll never forget since the inflatable unicorns ($4 on Amazon) she got for the pool, turned out to look like purple echidnas (spiny anteaters). The girls rode them like sea horses in the pool. Norah is really into unicorns these days. Her big sister, Hannah, made her unicorn cupcakes for the party. Thanks, Hannah! We can always count on you.