Behold, Observation Point in Zion National Park! We took a quick trip over Presidents Day weekend to do a couple hikes. Angel’s Landing is seen off to the right in the distance. Breathtaking scenery as always in this park. We encountered snow and ice patches that hadn’t quite melted. The hike to Observation Point was 8 miles round trip and the kids did great. The next day, we did the famous Emerald Pools hike. It was also fantastic, complete with waterfalls. Maxwell will never forget it because he got a tick for the first time. On the car ride home, he discovered the tick behind his knee and was pretty “ticked off” about it. It didn’t help when Norah told him he’d probably get Lyme disease, making him freak out more. I climbed back and plucked it off with a pair of tweezers. That was a first-time tick plucking for me, so I may not have done the best job… I’ll monitor that. So far, everyone else seems to be fine! It was also refreshing to get out of the nasty, smoggy air that’s been pretty intense the past couple weeks in northern Utah.