Maxwell has been on a few mountain bike rides, but he also wanted to try road biking. He is such a skinny kid that I thought he could be a pretty good rider. So, we bought him a decent Cannondale Cadd 10 at the local bike shop that was part of their scratch and dent sale. We ordered him a Velo Love kit and have been waiting for the weather to get warm enough for a ride. Today was that day! We met up with the Velo Love Team and went out for a 14 mile ride. Maxwell had the usual learning curve associated with clipping in and out, shifting gears, and riding with a peloton. For his first time, he did great. He never even fell when we came to a stop. I still remember the first time I tipped over at a stop light in front of everyone. On our way home there was a short hill and I pushed him to go breathless. He did great and had fun. I hope this is the first of thousands of rides together as father and son. This is a dream come true for me.