The weather warmed up and we hit the trails! It got up to 70 today and it felt awesome. We did our usual Hog Hollow excursion. I got a new camera a couple weeks ago so I used the opportunity to play around with the creative settings. This one of Tru and Norah that highlights their blue is a classic.

One of my favorite things about our family hikes is listening to the kids converse. It is a common occurrence for Hannah to start a story and then each child adds to the story sequentially. They come up with the craziest stories together, but I love it.
Norah likes to bust down the trail running and I always have to tell to stay in sight. I hate to curb her enthusiasm for running, but I also don’t want her to get lost. I love watching her golden hair blissfully bounce as she runs. Today, Tru tried to keep up with her, but he took a pretty nasty spill, complete with hemoglobin exposure and all.