Easter 2016 was 2 days full of egg hunts, great food and fun. On Saturday, we had the traditional night time grandkid egg hunt at Grandma Marlene’s and Grandpa Jerry’s. This has become an event the kids look forward to all year. The older kids hide the eggs throughout grandma’s yard. The younger kids don headlamps and excitedly comb the yard for eggs. Grandma enhances the experience by hiding larger golden eggs with dollar bills and real eggs filled with confetti that the kids smash on each other’s heads.
We also took the opportunity to celebrate Grandpa Jerry’s 67thbirthday. Melissa and the kids made the traditional German Chocolate cake (made with beets). A great time was had by all.
On Sunday, Melissa organized a sequential scripture egg hunt that pieced together the atonement, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ. It made for a really meaningful Easter morning. The kids also colored their Easter eggs.
During church, Melissa and I decided to provide our kids the Seder plate experience. These kids are so fun. The Seder plate requires the kids to eat horseradish, lamb, hummus, parsley, and other foods they are not accustomed to eating. Most of the kids took the risk and tried everything. One little guy really loved the horseradish and kept asking for more. It was great.
After church, we replicated the Seder plate as a family and continued our discussion about the resurrection.
We ventured down to Provo for a combined Easter dinner and “get to know you” dinner with Andrea’s future in-laws. They are an impressive family and we are excited to welcome Luis to the crew. After dinner, the kids participated in their 3rd egg hunt for the day. It was a good time.