Crazy to think Maxwell turned thirteen–and it was his Golden Birthday (should I cap that?  Feels significant enough to capitalize). Maxwell is such a great kid. The other day I took him for a haircut and the commented what a handsome boy he was. Maxwell is loved by everyone and always brings a kind and enthusiastic presence to any conversation. One of my favorite things to watch is how close Hannah and Maxwell have become. Sure, they annoy each other on occasion, but they also have hilarious conversations all the time. Must be the result of playing music together… Speaking of which, we gave Maxwell a bass guitar for his birthday (and the associated amp). He has totally been diggin’ the process of playing really cool bass songs, so much so in fact that the house has been rumbling throughout the day. He now has his classical, steel string, electric, bass guitars–oh and his ukulele.  
Maxwell is still on the swim team. He just joined the Lone Peak Mountain Bike Club, and he is still in the jazz band. He may be a teenager, but he is still our sweet boy. Love you little Will. 
Maxwell eating lunch with his bike helmet–you gotta be safe. He was probably 4 in this picture. 
For his birthday, Maxwell took a few friends to Trafalgar and Pizza Pie Cafe.   These boys can put down the za.  Jesse, Maxwell, Jake, Phoenix