When I was a kid, I played a lot of baseball. My Dad coached each of us boys and baseball was a big part of our lives. Maxwell played for a couple of years, but he enjoyed lacrosse and swimming more. Truman is still young enough that I wanted to give him the chance to play before life requires him to zero-in on a sport or activity. I think baseball teaches a person to throw better than any other sport, and I want my boys to be good at throwing. We’ve had some fun playing catch this spring and he’s improved a lot this spring.  He still has a long way to go, but it’s been nostalgic for me to go to Truman’s games and watch him play. It will be interesting to see which sport he gravitates towards over the next couple of years. Right now, he swims and plays soccer and baseball. He also wants to give lacrosse a shot. The picture above is from his last game of the spring. He could not find his glove and he is the only lefty on the team. As a result, little Tru had to play opposite handed.  Of course, the first hit of the game came to him. He actually did a pretty decent job throwing with his right hand.