Just completed our 6th year of hosting the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer. This year we raised over $240,000 for cancer patients. While raising money is one measure of success, perhaps the better measurement is what it means for our relationships with others. I love this event because it brings us all together for one amazing Saturday morning. It is so great to watch volunteers have fun working together throughout the hot days and sleepless night; I love watching the families unite and run on behalf of a loved-one who passed away or is currently battling cancer; I love watching a first-time runner cross the line, heart brimming with emotion, as they embrace a loved-one; I love watching the cute little 3-year-old kids cross the finish line and feel the exhilaration of people cheering them on…I could keep going. Bottom-line, this event shows that this world is full of amazing people with good hearts who want to contribute to something larger than themselves.
Thanks to all the volunteers and leaders who make this a special event!