Melissa and I rode the Cache Valley Gran Fondo with Team Velo Love and it was a great time. This is the first time we’ve ridden an event where we stayed with a team the whole time and it made for amuch more enjoyable experience. Not only was it fun to spend time with great people, but we spent most of the time in a peloton which preserved our energy. Seriously, this team is a lot of fun.

Lessons Learned:


  1. For every team ride, we need to make sure we have a ride leader who can organize the team and navigate.
  2. Should we take responsibility for our own aid stations? Running out of water and ice at the aid stations was unacceptable and really impacted a few of us on the team. Would have killed for a sandwich along the course as well. Really wanted a salty meat sandwich instead of a lot of overly sugary stuff. Ice, ice, ice!
  3. Icy wet rags would have been such a relief.