We rode the great JEM mountain bike trail outside of St George for 15 miles. I’m not great with anything super technical and this was just right (besides a couple of spots riding by a cliff… thoughts of tipping over on my bike and going off the edge tend to overtake me, ha ha). We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. It was just cloudy enough and sunny enough at the same time. It felt great and we could really soak in the beauty of everything around us. Red rock against blue sky never gets old. Very serene and stunning.

We did another bike ride the next day on the road. We left directly from our hotel and rode out on Bluff Rd basically along the route of the St George marathon. We continued to climb steadily uphill until we got to the turn off to go down though Snow Canyon State Park. It was a beautiful ride down! We were pleasantly surprised at the gorgeous and enjoyable ride through Snow Canyon.

We had some time in our schedule, so we decided to bust over to Zion to hike Angel’s Landing. We did this a few years ago with the kids and it brought back a lot of memories. If anything, it reminded me how brave our kids are/were. Truman in particular did not seem phased by the portions of the hike that provide significant exposure. This time, we passed a dude from Chicago so scared he was crawling up the trail near the end.

As expected, the views were wonderful and we spent a little extra time relaxing at the top. After the hike we grabbed some pizza in Springdale before we watched “The Magnificent Seven” at the Zion Imax Theater.
On our last day of the trip, we decided to hike the Kannaraville Falls. This short classic just of I-15 provides a brief peek into the full narrows. Of course, this classic photo of the lower falls is iconic. The hike is short and not too strenuous, but the water is freezing–your feet will go numb.