The Nutcracker is both a blessing and a curse in our family. We have been involved with local and Ballet West productions for over a decade! This year Norah really wanted to try out for the BW production. Fortunately, she was invited as a buffoon; unfortunately, no other girls from her local class shared her cast. Of course, this meant we drove her up to SLC for weeks for practice, rehearsals, and performances. This last week, I drove Norah up to performances every evening. I enjoyed the time in the car talking with Norah and listening to music together. One night, as we drove home late, I mentioned that we probably wouldn’t do this next year. She understood the time commitment this took from the entire family, but she asked, “Can I still audition every year and if I ever make Clara can I do it then?” So sweet. I responded, “Of course you can.” I love the drive of this fierce 10-year old freckled daughter of ours.