We kicked off Spring Break 2017 with a Regina Spektor concert at Soltair. We have been longtime Regina fans and when we received notification that she was coming to SLC, we bought tickets within minutes of ticket availability. 

We left Norah and Tru at home and brought Lara and one of Hannah’s friends with us (Moriah). It was a typical Friday night full of hustle and bustle, so we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to grab dinner and relax. In fact, we ended up grabbing grocery store sushi and eating in the car on the way to Soltaire.

This was our first time at Soltaire and the venue is not fantastic. It is showing its age and is not that clean. The surrounding area around The Salt Lake is pretty fun, but the structure could use some investment to clean it up a bit. We waiting in line outside in the cold rain before they opened the doors at 7:00. This was my first standing room only concert and we endure up very close to the front. 

Regina started the concert quite late because, as she put it, “This place is so f-in’ beautiful she couldn’t start staring at the mountains.” It was worth the wait because once she started performing, it was awesome. She is an incredible artist who knows how to write poetry. 

Towards the end of the concert our backs and legs were killing us from standing for 3 hours straight.