The third National Park on our trip was Sequoia. These trees are huge! They are included in the Redwood Taxonomy, but they grow at higher elevations and dryer climates. Look, it’s hard to be critical of the incredible Sequoia Tree, but I think we preferred the coastal Redwoods a little more. This is mostly due to the surrounding environment and climate. It is so cool to gaze up at the coastal redwoods and see them tower into the clouds. That said, the sequoias were amazing. We spent some time playing around General Sherman, considered the biggest tree in the world, before we completed a ~6 mile hike to the visitors center.


We used the quaint little town of Three Rivers as our launch pad into the park and it was great. I wish we had time to run the river, hike and bike, but we had to get to the next national park–Yosemite.  We made the trip to the central entrance point of Yosemite–Mariposa.