It’s not easy pulling together the Keith Klan. Jeff and Brooke are parents to 9 kids and ~26 grandchildren spread all over the county, with kids from California, Oklahoma, and Florida. Usually, the crew congregates in Utah on either Independence Day or Christmas, but with everyone’s busy lives, it was a rare occurrence that all assembled at one time and place. So, last year Jeff began to lobby hard for everyone to reunite at a traditional Keith location–Mount Carmel Junction.

Located on the edge of Zion National Park, Mount Carmel is off the beaten path, but still is situated such that all the activities and adventure are nearby. We have used Mount Carmel for our launchpad to many family adventures, including our epic family hike in Orderville Canyon.

Our first order of business was to eat dinner at the Keith Family Heritage Site, The Golden Hills Restaurant. This is the kind of place you want to eat at after a long hike or some other type of rigourous excercise so your apetite is strong and anything tastes good. In fairness, the food is actually pretty good, but the place is a dive. I think the waiter and staff were a little overwhelmed with the entire Keith Family arrived for dinner.


The following morning we headed up to Bryce for a quick little hike, Mossy Canyon, on the outskirts of the park. We had never been to this place, but figured it would be great for little kids. Sure enough, it was perfect. Waterfalls and kids are like heaven! We had a great time playing in the water and talking with each other.


It was great to spend time haning around the pool after our short hike.

That evening we attempted a family photo with only a few grandkids missing. This is a rare occurence, but it is meaningful to capture this momement in time and reflect on extended family relationships. Our kids love their cousins, counsins, and more cousins!

dsc06401We finished the evening by enjoying dinner in Kanab and spent the last moments of dusk at the sand dunes.